Sunday, June 7, 2009

BJ : Minggu Tekad Siswa Intake May 3/08/09

23th May – 28th May

There were about 800 students in Bestari Jaya campus and about 200 students in Shah Alam campus. So far new students were very cooperative. Below were happy faces with the MTS program.

Briefings for students such OATH Management, Jana Niaga, Finance, HEP, Pusat Islam, Library, Faculty etc. Activities organized for students such as LDK (xtvt in group), Treasure Hunt, Qiammullail, Malam Tekad Siswa etc.

It was happy ending of the MTS. Hopefully the friends relationship between facilitators, new students and senior students will always composed. For all new students, welcome again to University.. this is not like school anymore! Study smart n friendship forever. :)

[BJ] p/s : All new students and facilitators can get the copy of new design montage, videos and images of MTS 3/08/09 with reasonable price because we burn it into CD. Memo will stick out regarding this matter in residence block area, and on this blog, may be publish before 12th June 2009. And this matter will be handle by SRC’s Exco of Information & Publishing and Exco of Economy, Career & Entrepreneurship. Thank you.



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