Tuesday, June 2, 2009

FMTS intake 3/08/09 Diaries

15th May 2009

All facilitators (FMTS) registered themselves. Total about 70 facilitators of BJ campus and about 40 facilitators of SA campus. There is no MTS without FMTS so that SRCs were very grateful for them with the efforts and cooperation given. You all were the best!~

16th - 17th May 2009

FMTS Induction Camp at Nur Lembah Pangsun, Hulu Langat. There, all FMTS from Bestari Jaya and Shah Alam campus were meets up. Everybody were keep knowing each other.

All activities there were organized by S.P.I.E.S program and some xtvt handle by the resort’s. SPIES mean Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social. The program was really good for all participants.

The program set all of the participants to be ready to be facilitator and know how to facilitate new students. Activities such as Rafting, Treasure Hunt, etc was cultivate spirit of cooperation within each other.

18th – 22nd May 2009 (BJ Diaries)

Preparation for MTS at campus respectively. All facilitators were set into bureaus; Welfare, Registration, Special Task, Food & Beverage, Discipline & Safety, Activity, Spiritual (Muslim), Spiritual (Non-Muslim), Residence, Technical, and Protocol.

Master Plan presentation were made by each bureau. 1st, 2nd and Final presentation. Each bureau did proven what they have done, plan and backup.

There is photography session handled by Special Task bureau to set the MTS briefing slide, tag name of facilitators etc.

Simulation on the last preparation day (22nd May). All problem were discussed to be more prepare on the presenting day.

~~~~~~~~ That’s all for FMTS to get ready and the MTS began… ~~~~~~~~~

Post of MTS from YDP MPP (Click to read)



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