Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Attention to all BJ students!!~

Around these 2-3 weeks, some of Clubs and Associations was opening their booth at Pusat Komuniti Pelajar (PKP), Rotunda FOB/FIIT, etc. Its open for interpretation of new members, inform about current and planned activities etc. All students especially new students can register themselves with which clubs or associations they want to join, as many as they want.. as long as they can give commitment and being active. For those who want to stay in Jana Niaga resident, there was merits system regarding of joining these co-curriculum activities. Some of the booths open by GPMS, UCCA, i-Rakan, PEMATEK, Karate-Do, PRS, etc. Kindly update from the memo sticked around UNiSEL campus. Thanks~



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