Thursday, April 9, 2009

Mesyuarat Kali Pertama bersama Persatuan dan Kelab UNiSEL BJ

Semua wakil persatuan dan kelab di UNiSeL Bestari Jaya telah dihubungi terlebih dahulu untuk menghadiri perjumpaan yang julung kali diadakan selepas MPP diterajui kepemimpinan baru. Perjumpaan ini telah diadakan pada jam 9.00malam di BK18 FSP, sejurus pada hari yang sama selepas MPP menerima watikah pelantikan. Hal ini adalah satu tindakan positif dari pihak MPP sendiri dalam memberi kepercayaan kepada para pelajar dengan mendapatkan aduan, mendengar permasalahan dari segi pengurusan kelab dan persatuan bersama pihak atasan.

Antara agenda yang telah dibincangkan ;
  • Perbincangan masalah dari segi keaktifan, keahlian, bilik operasi, perjalanan program, dana dan sebagainya.
  • Kesesuaian mengadakan Karnival Persatuan dan Kelab, pada waktu dan tempat yang sesuai.
  • Mengadakan program gabungan antara Persatuan dan Kelab untuk lebih saling mengenali.
  • Pengenalan tentang Persatuan dan Kelab semasa Minggu Apresiasi Siswa.
  • Mewujudkan Anugerah Ko-Ku dan anugerah kepada Persatuan dan Kelab yang aktif.

All representative of Associations and Clubs at UNiSEL Bestari Jaya Campus had been contacted earlier for attend to this meeting that was the first time conducted after SRC came with new leadership row. This meeting had been conducted on 9pm at BK18,FSP, right the moment in same day after SRC received their 'Watikah Pelantikan'. This condition was a positive action from SRC in give trust to students with getting comments, hearing problems from the side of these Associations and Clubs Management with top management of UNiSeL.

Some of the agenda had been discussed;
  • Discussion of problem in a side of being active, competence, operation room, program tour, alms etc.
  • The suitability to have Associations and Clubs Carnival, on a good time and place.
  • Organize a combination program among Associations and Clubs to more known each other.
  • Introduction of Associations and Clubs while Students Appreciation Week.
  • Existing Co-Curriculum Award and award for most active Associations and Clubs.



At April 10, 2009 at 11:46 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum wbt
Salam sejahtera

Ive been 4 years in Unisel and this is the 1st time we have an international student as part of the line up of SRC Unisel. For that, I'd like to congratulate you guyz.

Most of us know that the SRC Unisel for session 2009/2010 was appointed instead of elected. I would like to know what are the step(s) that you will take to restore student's confidence on integrity and credibility of the SRC itself?

Secondly, I am aware thet there is a significance increase in the number of international students pursue their study in Unisel. I see this as a healthy achievement towards internationalizing our institution. However, I see most of our programs/activities/information organize by our clubs/societies or even SRC itself are not realy international-friendly in terms of medium of communication. I would like to know what are the stand of SRC Unisel regarding to the matter.

Lastly, i would like to take this opportunity to congratulate SRC Unisel on their initiative of holding a meeting with clubs and societies. I would also love to express my gratitude on the initiative to held a dialogue with students. As a council appointed in less than three days, i see the initiatives as fast, accurate and relevant. well, u guyz have partly get some confidence at least! =)

At April 11, 2009 at 3:58 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

if the level of performance higher than expectation then the level of satisfaction higher than confidence...then we believe that the credibility is not a question anymore...
the step is only one..
perform as well as we can....

one of the great changes happen in SRC itself when we need to convey our information in meeting with English Language. our meeting is 80 percent in English respected to our brother ahmed abdulrrahman from yemen. this is also happen in some clubs for example Gabungan Mahasiswa Kejuruteraan (GMK).this is the positive imprvment for SRC. the situation is when international students are in organization so the language also should be international. in order to be dat our clubs and societies must open their membership to our brothers and sisters from international.

tq for the compliment and support, we are giving the best services...


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